I found this post on New York Times ‘small business’ edition to be an interesting read. It has great examples of blogger’s who have stumbled upon opportunities by writing about their experiences and expertise with passion. Many approach blogging from the lure to make the fast buck but invisible is the effort, time investment and sheer talent that is needed to make it work. I myself sometimes struggle to come to a decision on what the objective of my blog should be. The only thing I know is that every time I press the publish button on my blog it gives me sense of satisfaction that I don’t get elsewhere. Even more thrilling is when one of the readers sends me a note that they liked what they read. Right now I guess that’s most important to me then how much money I make out of it. I am not really convinced that people can make this there primary source of income except for a select few. But what it can do is help brand yourself better in your area of expertise. Who knows you may land up with an consulting assignment or better job because of your web presence. Blogging definitely has the ability to establish you as a domain expert in the field or subject your writing on. If your content is good and resonates well with people then you will be noticed and the money and opportunities will come on their own. So if you feel reasonably confident and passionate about any subject or profession just write your heart out. The rest is just small details.

Blogging Your Way Into a Business – New York Times

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