I have been using twitter since June of this year and i just love it. I don’t use twitter too much to update my status in terms of what i am doing or where i am headed. I use it more as a tool to quickly capture a fleeting thought that previously would go uncaptured. I have always been hit by these thoughts in the most inconvenient of times, like when i am on the bus or at lunch etc. But now all i need to do is get out my PDA and tweet away from m.twitter.com. I also like the feature where anytime i make a blog post it sends a tweet on my behalf with a tinyurl of my post. In recent month’s this has boosted the traffic on my site. I can see that there is even competition of incoming traffic from twitter and linkedin where i am active also. I recently also hooked my facebook status bar with a facebook twitter application that updates my status bar whenever i tweet. This is great as i no longer need to separately update status bar in facebook. I won’t be surprised if Twitter becomes the default status update tool that feeds other status bars in other social media tools like facebook, linkedin, msn etc. Whoever said twitter is dead got it so wrong. But i did notice that my frequency of blogging has reduced ever since i micro blog at twitter. Check out the best of my tweets. Read here
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