LinkedIn has announced the launch of new productivity applications that can be seamlessly added to your existing linkedin profiles. It’s quite similar to the ones on facebook, but the difference being that these apps revolve around professional usages. They have collaborated with some of the Internet’s premier organizations to bring the first set of beta apps that enable you to collaborate with your connections and viewers alike.
The applications that are currently available are
Reading List by Amazon
• Box File.Net Files by
• Google Presentations by Google
• WordPress by wordpress
• Slideshare Presentations by slideshare Inc
• Blog Link by Six Apart
• Huddle Workspaces by
• Company Buzz by LinkedIn
• Polls by LinkedIn
I already hooked up this blog to my profile with the help of the blog link app, will explore other apps as I go along. If you haven’t yet got yourself a linkedIn profile, I suggest you get before you get categorized as a professional dinosaur.
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