In 11 years of sales and marketing I have found one inconsistency that has been consistently made by marketers and organizations and that is disparity in ‘Designation Titles’. I have never ever figured out why the same job function had different designation titles in different parts of the country or different regions, especially when these job functions are customer facing. And more often then not they are all mentioned on the same marketing collateral or website. I got a electronic direct mailer this morning from a reputable organization (cropped the image and scratched away the names and contact details) that was selling advertising space and as you can see the customer contact point in one city has a completely different designation than the other 2 cities. It may not seem like a big thing to the marketer but to the customer it tells a lot. At first it could portray that at some places you have dedicated headcount to look after the customer and some places it’s a shared responsibility or a higher designation person looks after one batch of customer and a lower designation person looks after another. So what you’re essentially saying is that your service levels differ from region to region. Secondly it portrays general inconsistency in the way your organization approaches human resource policy. I do understand that some situations may demand this difference, but does the world need to see this disparity? Can’t we just use simple terminology like ‘customer contact point or person’ or something like that?
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