Some weeks back I had blogged about a Timeline concept and how I felt it was almost like the motion picture version of your social media life. Well I came across another interesting and promising tool called WiseLine which is based on the same timeline concept. We all know that a visual representation is far better than a wordy description and hence using something like WiseLine is great way of representing and sharing your life. WiseLine is a new timeline graph of your life and although they are still in beta it adds an interesting twist to the existing timeline concepts where WiseLine users can add a value from +5 till -5 to a moment in time, the value representing ups and downs and its impact on your life. All the moments in time are connected with a line and form a comprehensive graph. So by rating milestones of your life, you turn the chronology of events in your life into a graph which would be your WiseLine. You can easily add important moments to your WiseLine like: your first kiss, a special friendship but also your education and work experience. Another interesting feature within WiseLine is that users can collaborate and influence the actual graph together. Imagine what the WiseLine of your favorite band, your family or sports team will look like, when all members collaboratively describe history together this way. By a principle of co-valuation, the ups and downs of the graph are generated in a democratic manner. Below is a great video clip that gives you a quick overview of the concept.

WiseLine from Hans Hoornstra on Vimeo.

WiseLine is available on and will be available as a widget in all major social networks around the world that have embraced the OpenSocial initiative. WiseLine has a fully working embed codes as well, which enables bloggers to generate their own collaborative WiseLine and publish it on their own blogs.  This way one WiseLine can be simultaneously published on multiple platforms (blogs, multiple social networks (e.g. Facebook, MySpace and Hyves) and WiseLine has been localized in 7 languages and this month Chinese, Korean and Portuguese have been added. With local campaigns and local teams they will focus on: China, South-Korea, Brazil, United States and the Netherlands, It shows the early international focus of this ambitious Dutch start-up.
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