If you think you are strong, smart, quick, charming and willing to travel back and forth in time then the newest Facebook game Tokyo Time Warp awaits you. Tokyo Time warp is the latest game for Facebook users that is jointly brought to you by Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd and Intel Asia. It’s a game that not only offers multiple layers of fun but for gamers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines they also stand a chance to winning hundreds of cool prizes, including the latest slim series Toshiba Portégé T130 powered by Intel®Core™2 Duo Processor (the contest is valid from 1st December 2009 to 28th February 2010 only).
In Tokyo Time Warp, players need to choose from five different characters inspired by past and current archetypes from Japan. The 5 characters are Samurai, Ninja, Geisha, Otaku and Kawaii. Now each character has its own skill and advantages like Samurai have high strength, Ninjas have agility and Geishas have loads of charm, while the geeky Otaku has unbelievable concentration skills. Last but not the least the Final character Kawaii has a great deal of style. So the aim is to acquire all these skills in the games initial levels so that you can finally take on the Badzilla himself in the Badzilla Island. Since Tokyo Time Warp is played on the popular social networking site like Facebook it becomes easier to acquire all skills by inviting their friends to join in as well.
The game has an incredible 27 customizable looks per character and offers a game map as well. So do take time out to check out www.Tokyotimewarp.com and access more information on the game and tips to play, there is also a lot of fun stuff to download.
Disclosure: The author is part of the Intel team that worked on this project with the Toshiba South East Asia team. Tokyo Time warp is game made for Facebook users conceptualized and developed by Lyon & Dianzi Pte Ltd, Singapore.
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