If you planning to revamp your website or build a new website and your theme or business centers on the Asian region then you may want to seriously consider hosting your site on a DotAsia (.asia) domain. In this post I plan to talk about 3 compelling reasons to use a DotAsia domain, but before we jump into that I would like to give the readers a bit of background on DotAsia organization. DotAsia is actually a non for profit organization that was started in year 2007. DotAsia themselves doesn’t directly offer registration services but works with channel partners who are known as registrars. You can find the list of all registrars around the world selling DotAsia domain names here. http://www.registry.asia/about/register.html. In the initial phase of their inception DotAsia first opened up to companies with trademarks and also to celebrities who wanted to register their domain names first. After this they started to allow common names to be registered, and if more than one application was received for a domain name, then that name would be in an auction to determine the winner. They are now into a ‘go live’ period where any names that are still available can be registered online through respective registrars.

So which are the organizations and communities that can make use of the DotAsia domain?

The .ASIA domain can also be naturally used by individuals, businesses, organizations as well as community groups that plan to reach out to users residing in Asia or users that are interested in Asian themes or Asia as a region. For example:

  • Regional companies in Asia
  • Local and International companies expanding to the Asia regional market
  • Asia headquarters or subsidiaries of global companies
  • NGOs and not-for-profit organizations in Asia.
  • Asia based events, such as Games, Expos etc.
  • Asia version of global media majors
  • Asia focused businesses.

Here are 3 compelling reasons for a DotAsia domain.

  • Helps many SME’s, individuals, private & public initiatives to get an acceptable or even a better alternative to .com domains.

Many small and medium enterprises in Asia missed out the .com namespaces because they were not technically ready or aware of the value of owning their own web identity. If you are such an organization that has missed out previously then .Asia domain provides you with a perfect opportunity to establish an acceptable and flexible online identity. This not only helps organizations but can also individuals or public and private initiatives. Getting a .com domain could be tough as most popular names would have been taken leaving you with long sentence options that may not be in their best interest.

  • .Asia domain improves SEO for searches relevant to Asia.

Asia as a term by itself is one of the most popular search words and all other SEO elements being equal, having an .Asia domain will give you better results when internet users search for information about Asia.  So any company that decides to use an .Asia domain will have a better chance of appearing in the higher on the search page.

  • Every .Asia domain registration helps fund community work in Asia.

Since DotAsia is a not for profit organization they invest the money into projects that help bridge the digital divide in society around Asia. They have done many things like netmission.asia, isif.asia, releief.asia, Blogfest.asia etc that go a long way in achieving digital inclusion, education and development. Every registration that is done contributes funds to the social and technical development of internet in Asia.

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