Corridor Conversation is now open to Guest writers & bloggers who are associated with the technology industry and who would like to share their experiences & insights with a broader online audience. Topics that writers can blog about on Corridor Conversations are Technology trends, Marketing, Digital, Mobile, Retail, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Human resources. Corridor Conversations is also open to press releases but they will be featured only on the News Spot light section. If you are interested to learn more and participate, then please read along.

About Corridor Conversations

Jamshed has been blogging personally for a while on ‘Igniting Thoughts’ before he actually set up ‘Corridor Conversations’. The idea to start a professional blog was born when he was having a corridor conversation with a colleague of his and that inspired him to write his first post that specifically was related to his professional interest. Since the inspiration for the post came from a corridor conversation he decided to call the blog ’Corridor Conversations.’

Corridor Conversations is an attempt to set up a platform for him and hopefully other technology marketers to share their experiences & insights from their corporate or entrepreneur life. The broad categorization of topics that you will find on Corridor conversations will be related to technology, marketing, social media, digital, entrepreneurship, mobile, retail and human resources.

With a humble beginning in 2009, Corridor Conversations has within the first year of inception built a loyal base of visitors and more are being added daily. ‘Corridor Conversations’ is mostly followed by readers in South Asia and South East Asia. For more details or distribution, please read ‘Benefits to Guest Authors @ Corridor Conversations’ section below.

Founder and Chief author

Jamshed Wadia has 14 over years of experience in the ‘Information Technology’ industry that span areas like Branding, Channel Management, Sales Management and Digital Marketing. He holds a ‘Masters in Business Administration’ and ‘Bachelors Degree in Engineering’. Prior to his current employer, Intel, he has worked for organizations like Wipro Infotech, H&R Johnson, and Tangerine.

In 2003 Jamshed joined Intel and has since then  done varied roles at Intel within the Sales & Marketing division; covering roles on Branding, Channel, Retail, Product Management in the Asia region. In 2008 Jamshed took on the role for ‘Online Marketing’ for Asia in the Partner Marketing Group at Intel where he was certified as a ‘Social Media Practitioner’ for Intel. During this role he had the opportunity to be on the execution teams of various Digital Marketing projects in Asia with partners like Dell, Toshiba and Sony. Currently Jamshed is working in the Asia Sales team that manages multinational customers.

He is more than happy to connect with like minded individuals who have a passion for excellence in life and a penchant for anything digital.

You can connect with Jamshed Wadia on

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Benefits to Guest Authors @ Corridor Conversations

  1. 1. You get to reach a captive audience that would read and follow Corridor Conversations. Gives you chance to brand yourself and share valuable content across various social networks.
  2. 2. Some sample stats where content will be shared
    1. a. Feed Subscribers: 1100+
    2. b. Facebook Fanpage: 3700+
    3. c. Twitter Followers: 13300+
    4. d. LinkedIn Connections: 4200+
  3. 3. Content can be cross posted provided it meets criteria and has permission of media owner.
  4. 4. Author Bio will be featured on the ‘About’ Page and each post would be accompanied with author name & bio below it.

Criteria & terms for Guest Authors & Bloggers

  1. 1. Authors should be working or associated with the technology industry or associated with an online venture.
  2. 2. Topics that writers can blog about are Technology, Marketing, Digital, Mobile, Retail, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Human resources.(Within technology and/or online).
  3. 3. Corridor Conversations reserves the right to approve or disapprove authors, post and press releases.
  4. 4. There is no fee associated with guest posts either to the guest authors or to Corridor Conversations.
  5. 5. Guest Posts don’t need to be exclusive to Corridor Conversations but can be cross posted on their personal blogs and other blogs or sites provided your own content has permission from other media owners to cross post.
  6. 6. Guest Authors have a right to ask Corridor Conversations to delete Posts at anytime and so does Corridor Conversations reserve a right to delete a post if deemed unfit or in doubt of content ownership.

Last but not the least, this is not a commercial blog and neither do I have any intention to monetize it. As the chief author of this blog I maintain a strict guideline on ‘no conflict of interest and confidentiality’ with my current employer and the same is expected from all guest authors that they maintain the same with their respective employers.

All interested authors and bloggers can contact me on

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