Over the weekend I got a touch of Nostalgia as I was assigned some homework which brought back memories or shall I say nightmares from my college days :). Nope I did not enroll back into a school but went for an IndiBlogger Singapore meet where I swore a parting oath that I would write a post on it soon. So I intend to be a good student for a change and just do just that, so here it goes ..

To start with those who are not familiar with IndiBlogger it’s a forum of bloggers broadly made of bloggers from India or of Indian origin. It has a reasonable cross section of bloggers with various subjects of interest and caliber, so for bloggers who want inspiration and a good reference point to fellow bloggers it’s a good place to hang out. Anyway coming back to the meet it took an enterprising person like Maria to muster up the courage to get us together and for thanks to her efforts we got a reasonable audience for a first ever meet like this. A round of kudos and hugs for all who made it –Abhijeet Gandhi,  Anirudh, Avinash, Divya, Kritika, Krunal, Honey and Maria.

Actually I am quite glad that many of them have their post up on the meet before I got a dig at it. I don’t think I can do a better job than any of them on capturing the evening or capturing the personalities of the bloggers, so I am going to stick to my strengths (I think) and do a summary of my key takeaways and learning’s from attending blogger meets.

#1 You can never be too old or too experienced to learn something new.

I have now being blogging for over seven years, on different topics and on different platforms and attended numerous blogger events and I am always amazed that I walk out of each of these meetings with a tip or a different perspective about blogging. Seen numerous bloggers letting their success go to their heads and in their arrogance lose their audience. Bottom line is you can never know everything that you need to know about blogging and social media. The mantra to life in web 2.0 and beyond is networking and collaboration and with meet ups like this it’s a chance to walk out of it making friends and possible biz collaborations for life.

#2 Being Social offline is as important as being Social online.

I do believe we are raising up a generation that is extremely comfortable in being Social ‘online’ but when it comes to offline social skills they are found lacking. Nothing and for the effect I am going to repeat ‘nothing’ substitutes the learning and joy of offline interaction. You can never really know or size up a person by their online presence, but you get to see a different facet of their personality by meeting them personally. I don’t know about others but communicating with people online who you know in the offline world as well is a joy by itself. You can’t truly appreciate the message in its fullness if you don’t personally know whose delivering it. I only take advice from what I read online after researching the author’s background and credibility. And one sure shot way to do that is to get up close in front of them in meets like this.

# 3 Never pass up an opportunity to share your success or knowledge.

It’s always great energy to give and to share information to others that may have use of it. Leave back all competing mindsets and share as much as you can because it will surely come back in forms and shapes that you never expect.  Energy spent is energy gained at some point in time. BTW nothing substitutes genuine interest in other people. Most people and especially bloggers are very quick to figure out how interested you are in their work and how willing you are to help, so keep it real.

# 4 Attending a blogger event gets you encouraged.

Let’s face it we live in a doggy-dog world out there (woof). Most bloggers go thru phases of discouragement and wonder if anyone even cares about their blog. It can get lonely out there in the blogosphere and once in awhile you need an audience who understands and makes you feel you are not alone. You can call it the support group for all I care 🙂 but it works.

# 5 Attending a blogger event sharpens your pitch.

The one question that you will be definitely be asked at a blogger event is – ‘what do you blog about? or what’s your blog about? ‘ In my initial years of blogging i struggled with this question and my standard answers were ‘i blog about anything’ or ‘i just write about random stuff’. As the question kept coming up it got me thinking that maybe its time to decide on a central theme for my blog. The most successful blogs out there have a underlining theme and a specific audience. Even if the blog is personal you can still narrow it down to things like personal rants, reflections,  poetic expression, mummy or daddy blogger etc. No place better than to practice and refine your blog pitch than a blogger meet.

So next time you have a chance to be at a blogger meet in your city especially an ‘Indiblogger meet’ be seen and be heard.  🙂

Till the next meet up. Cheers

Post’s from fellow bloggers who were there.






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16 Responses to 5 Reasons you should never miss a blogger meet.

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  2. Maria says:

    A totally refreshing view of our events. U had me shaking my head in agreeement at all your 5 reasons 🙂

  3. @Maria Glad you agree 🙂 .. wanted to get this out faster but work has been hectic this week.

  4. I have to agree with Maria. All five points are absolutely true. Am especially supportive of the second one, about offline interactions. There is no substitute for real human interaction.
    Wonderful post. 🙂

  5. Divya says:

    Was it 5 reasons or 4 Jam??? sorry if i missed something…
    neways grt write up! that was something beyond my imagination 🙂
    btw… got ur comments.. Thank u so much 🙂

    • Great catch Divya 🙂 … Got #5 up just now, hope it’s reason enough 🙂 Felt like a song writer struggling to write his final verse to complete his song. ha

  6. bullet points.. way to go professional. Great dude

  7. keerthana says:

    Even I wanna go:(

  8. Harman says:


    Nice post! I’ve registered for IndiBlogger meet in Mumbai on 15th August. Hope it will be great experience.

  9. Harman says:

    Although I’m a newbie & unprofessional blogger right now but hope to pick up soon with a professional blog.

  10. Harman says:

    Jamshed, it was really a great experience to attend IndiBloggers meet at Mumbai. Check this: http://harman.posterous.com/the-indiblogger-meet-one-of-the-most-lovelies

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