Consistent to Microsoft’s new initiative for ‘Saving Social Energy’ the new Windows Live Messenger provides a great way for users to have more meaningful and efficient conversations while also bringing together their social networks and sharing updates, cutting through the clutter, and staying up to date with their favorite friends. The new Messenger integrates into the things users are already doing, so they can stay in touch with their friends & loved ones anytime, anywhere, across the mobile phone, PC and anywhere on the web.

Some new features are highlighted here:

Makes online tasks easier and personal interactions more meaningful

  • Facebook Chat – Users can chat with their Facebook friends right from Messenger on your PC, iPhone and Web Messenger, whether they are on Messenger, Facebook or both.
  • High-definition (HD) video chat* – Meaningful conversations are enhanced by allowing users to see and hear their friends. The new Messenger provides HD video chat, helping users experience video chats so they can share photos and videos while chatting and see your friends’ reactions in real time and in full screen.

Seamlessly integrated into the things you’re already doing on the Web and on your phone

  • Get Messenger everywhere, anywhere – Users that are away from their PC or can’t install Messenger at work, can still stay connected at, on Hotmail or on Messenger for their Windows® Phone, iPhone and Blackberry

Ultimate social dashboard for staying in touch with the people who matter most

  • Connect to over 75 social networks including Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn – Messenger lets users bring together their friends, communications and updates from top social networking and sharing websites right into Messenger. This means that users can received social updates (including photos and videos) on Messenger and also update their social network status’ directly without having to log-on to any of their other social networks.
  • Favorites – Users’ favorites are friends that they’ve specified as being most important. Messenger prioritizes them in their friend list so they show up at the top, and it prioritizes them in their social updates so that photos, updates and other data from them end up being more prominent.
  • Richer status updates – Messenger has always made it easy to share text updates. Now, when users type in a URL, Messenger grabs a snippet of that Web page and makes it easy to share, or if you drag in a photo or video, Messenger will let users add a caption and share that with their friends.

Tools designed to keep you in control of your data and help you keep your private life private

  • Simple privacy settings – Users can easily get started by choosing from one of three default privacy profiles, which are the most common ways that consumers like to share their data.
  • Be online to some, offline to others J – Once a user has set categories (i.e. friends, colleagues, family, or any other groups that a user prefers) it’s easy for them to choose their online presence availability by category so they can be offline to one set of friends and online to another .
  • View permissions – Users can see exactly what they’re sharing with a specific person and what personal information, photos, docs and other content they have access to.
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