GetIT Comms recently launched a complete fun, free and open source project called SingMood, a real-time, tweet-driven gauge which reflects the collective mood of Singapore.  SingMood aggregates tweets located in Singapore and examines them for “happy” and “sad” keywords. Keywords such as: happy, glad, fabulous, awesome, funny, laughing, fun, excited, exciting, ‘yay’, enjoying, overjoyed,  blissful, sad, disappointed, angry, irritated, frustrated, regret, heartbreaking, heartbroken, ‘pissed’, ‘fml’, ‘sucks’, despair, sigh, bad, sick and cry. The data is aggregated and the overall mood is displayed on a “mood-o-meter” which refreshes with every tweet.

Here goes a short video explaining how it works –

SingMood also shows a graph displaying the number of happy and sad tweets by-the-hour so you get an idea of when people are happier/ sadder during the course of a day. Click on the happy/sad “bar” to see who tweeted.


SingMood is open source. Download the source code for free and tweak it the way you want – be it for entertainment or business. Fun, guaranteed.

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